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This AppleScript could be set up to launch when a user logs in and then to self-destruct. You can even add some code to pull data from the environment using the shell command whoami, or continue with AppleScript using the following:

} else if (event.equals("")) { status.setText("Recorded data saved."); } else { status.setText(event + ":" + data);

tell application "System Events" set shortName to name of current user set fullName to full name of current user end tell

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Using these values, you can then properly set the display name for the account, the user s short name (used for authentication), as well as populate the user s Full Name record, which is used for displaying a friendly From: name when sending emails (such as John Doe rather than Instead of a login item, you can also call the AppleScript using the osascript command. However, because this AppleScript is configuring a userland application, it requires an active user session to run. Because of this, a login item is generally the best avenue for this type of deployment. Alternatively, a LaunchAgent could be used (discussed in 8).

It s a very simple process that involves searching and replacing an identifier in a buffer The full implementation is as follows..

player.addPlayerListener(new RecordingListener(status));

Assuming the serial number was deployed with the initial package, there should be only a few things remaining to complete your Office for Mac deployment and allow you to use Entourage effectively. The first is to suppress the Microsoft First Run dialog box,

Adding a PlayerListener is purely optional. Most advanced applications will want to receive these sorts of notifications so they can update the user and take other actions, but for simple operations, you ll be fine sticking with the basic Player API

present by default following an installation (and usually causing a great number of calls to support teams unless suppressed). The Office Setup Assistant will present you with a number of questions as part of the Microsoft First Run process. In order to suppress this you will need to add a key to the property list stored in ~/Library/Preferences/ Here, we ll provide a key of 2008\FirstRun\SetupAssistCompleted with an integer of 1 as the value for the key, which indicates that the Setup Assistant has been completed. To do so, we ll use the defaults command and write the key information into the defaults domain as follows:

Source: /website/ROOT/scripts/common.js var Generics = { expand : function(toProcess, itemsToInject) { var bufferToProcess = ops.singleSerialize(toProcess); for( itemToReplace in itemsToInject) { var recurFind = function(startIndex) { var offset = bufferToProcess.indexOf(itemToReplace, startIndex); if (offset == -1) { return; } var left = bufferToProcess.slice(0, offset); var right = bufferToProcess.slice(offset + itemToReplace.length); var middle = ops.simpleSerialize(itemsToInject[itemToReplace]); bufferToProcess = left + middle + right; offset ++; recurFind(offset); } recurFind(0); } var genBuffer = "var cls = " + bufferToProcess + ";"; eval(genBuffer); return cls; } } To expand a JavaScript object, the object has to first be converted to a buffer. The ops.singleSerialize method converts any JavaScript object into a buffer, and in the case of the preceding example, it converts the toProcess parameter into a buffer. After the conversion to a buffer, the process of finding an identifier and replacing it using a loop is started. With each iteration of the loop stored in the itemToReplace variable is the identifier to replace in bufferToProcess. In the loop, the recurToFind variable references a function that is called recursively. The purpose of the recursion is to incrementally search the buffer for the identifier to replace.

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